CertiK has completed a comprehensive security audit of 14 Merlin smart contracts and found nil critical, major, or medium issues. Thirteen minor and two informational findings were flagged, all of which were promptly resolved or addressed by the Merlin team. Merlin is safe and secure.

We are proud to announce that our eagerly awaited CertiK audit has been completed!

The exponential growth and unregulated nature of the DeFi space has given rise to many untrustworthy and vulnerable projects in the ecosystem. At Merlin, security is our number one priority. We want our community to have the utmost confidence in our…

Phase 1 of our Bounty Campaign is completed!

A little over a month ago, as we embarked on the launch of our platform, Merlin Lab, we launched an extensive bounty campaign to help us spread the word of Merlin Lab! The outreach and participation has been outstanding! We have received some amazing submissions such as these adorable stickers that have found a home within our community:

To our Merlin Magicians 🔮,

Are you ready to win BIG everyday?

We are excited to launch the Merlin Magical Lottery! This is one of many deflationary mechanisms we will be launching in the coming months. Our Merlin Magical Lottery gives everyone a chance to win the lottery every single day!

How does it work?

Lottery Ticket Fee for 1 ticket: 0.2 Merlin (This may be adjusted over time depending on Merlin price)

Single User Lottery Entry Limit: No overall limit, but only 50 can be bought each time

Paying for one ticket will give users a random 4 digit combination with each digit…

To our Merlin community,

The Merlin team is now preparing for the launch of cMERL Recovery Pool (
The cMERL Recovery Pool will go live on 29 May 2021 3PM +UTC.

Please see below for an outline of how the cMERL pool works.

cMERL and Who is Eligible

All MERL holders and stakers before 26 May 2021 10:29:54 AM +UTC will be eligible for cMERL. cMERL will be automatically staked in the Recovery Pool once the pool is live.

Recovery Pool — Explained

To our Merlin community,

It has been quite a day for the Merlin team and community as the Merlin minter experienced an economic exploit that led to excess tokens being minted.

No vaults were breached. All funds are safe. We have currently paused all Merlin minting. Vaults are auto-compounding as per usual, with their rewards being in the native token only.


The incident was not a flashloan attack, as the development team had implemented security measures to mitigate the possibility of this. The incident related to an exploit of the getReward code as a large amount of CAKE tokens…

DeFi operates as a permissionless, decentralized, and transparent financial ecosystem built on top of blockchain networks. For this, the DeFi space has attracted an explosive amount of interest and the reinvention of legacy financial products. On the other hand, the DeFi infrastructure also opens itself up to vulnerabilities. This includes flash loan attacks, one of the most common methods of exploits amongst the DeFi protocols as seen in recent incidents.

What are flash loans and what are their characteristics?

Flash Loans are the first uncollateralized loan option in DeFi. Flash Loans enable you to borrow instantly and easily, no collateral needed provided that the liquidity is returned to the…

Merlin Lab launched recently and within 5 days already has reached a tremendous TVL of $180M+!
At Merlin, we are dedicated to our community and focused on constantly improving based on your feedback. In a bid to show our support, some changes are coming based on the popular demand from our fellow Merlin Magicians:

Previous Merlin Lab tokenomics:

  • Boosted Yield Converter (a.k.a. Performance Fee) 50%
  • 25 MERL per BNB

Improved Merlin Lab tokenomics:

  • Boosted Yield Converter (a.k.a. Performance Fee) 30%
  • 35 MERL per BNB

What does this mean to our users?

  1. Merlin Lab is still the highest APY yield aggregator on BSC
  2. You get a 20% higher…

⚠️This bounty program officially ends on 4:00 pm UTC 17 June 2021⚠️

Merlin is an auto-compounding yield aggregator on BSC. Earn the highest yields on BTCB, ETH, BNB, CAKE by staking with Merlin. We’re launching our Bounty Reward Program and giving away $200,000 USDT worth of $MERL tokens for completion of bounty tasks! Let us build a strong and active community together and make Merlin a big success!

To get involved in our Bounty Reward Program follow the simple steps below and begin earning $MERL tokens for creating quality content and sharing:

As part of Merlin’s unwavering commitment to providing a safe platform for our users, we have commissioned 3 audits from reputable blockchain security audit firms. Our first completed audit from Hacken Cybersecurity has passed with flying colors. The team is now preparing the final steps for launch.

Security is Paramount for DeFi Smart Contract Protocols

Hacken is a leading cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security. Hacken offers a wide range of security services such as blockchain security consulting, web/mobile penetration testing, coordination of bug bounty programs, crypto exchange ratings, and education on cybersecurity.

Hacken’s audit methodology…

📑 Background

The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) has been an incredible boon for the entire cryptocurrency sector. Despite the surge in DeFi products on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), there are no functional farming projects that truly facilitate users holistically.

🔮️ What is Merlin

Merlin combines yield maximization with functionality, delivering an all-encompassing DeFi platform.

We recognize the exponential benefit in auto-compounding and the value in accumulating key cryptocurrencies (aka. BTCB, ETH, BNB, CAKE, etc.), so we’ve built:

  • A yield aggregator that helps you auto-compound your assets
  • An ecosystem that helps your earn more key cryptocurrencies (aka. BTCB, ETH, BNB, CAKE, etc.) by staking $MERL

📣 Follow Merlin for the latest updates

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Telegram Community:
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Merlin Lab

Auto-compounding yield aggregator on BSC. Stake $MERL to earn BTCB, ETH, BNB.

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